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In summer the days are longer, the weather is warmer, and the kids are out of school. It’s a great time of year to go RVing. No matter your destination, here are a few tips and tricks to better enjoy RVing in the summer.

Take Care of Your Awning When RVing in the Summer

The summer heat can be harsh and your RV’s awning provides shade to protect you from the sun. Take care of your awning to keep everyone comfortable. Keep an eye on the condition of your awning and make repairs for any tears and broken supports. Angle the awning so that rainwater will run off to the ground instead of pooling in the fabric.

Prepare Meals Outdoors

Cooking inside the RV will warm up the interior. Plan meals you can cook outdoors on the grill. Burgers and hot dogs are summertime favorites, but if you’re going to be away for more than a week you might want some more variety. Depending on where you’re camping, you might stop by a local market for fresh food. You can roast veggies, grill lobster, and even cook a pizza on the grill. Get the family involved with food preparation, cooking, and clean-up to make mealtimes easier.

RVing in the Summer With the Right Clothing

The clothing you pack will depend on your destination. Be prepared for the weather in the area. When choosing a wardrobe, plan for layering, especially if you’ll be exposed to different weather conditions. Layering will keep you comfortable no matter the forecast because you can take off pieces to cool down. Lightweight clothing can quickly be washed and dried.  When the temperature drops, add more clothing to warm up.

Summertime is Great for Adventuring

When the weather is pleasant, take advantage of nearby outings. You and your family can enjoy hiking, swimming, walking tours, kayaking, local art museums, and fishing. When planning your trip, read up on things to do in the area. Create a list of things that interest you and encourage family members to do the same. That way, even if plans fall through, you have a list of other options.

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