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It’s not an essential part of your RV, but an awning is a part of what makes your rig enjoyable. It’s nice to have sun protection and a cooler place to enjoy the shade when you’re camping. Maintain your RV’s awning to keep the fabric in good condition and extend its lifespan.

Maintain Your RV’s Awning by Keeping it Clean

When you’re cleaning the RV, don’t overlook the awning. Dirt and debris will collect on the fabric. Clean the awning at least twice a year. Most of the time, you will only need to use a garden hose to spray it clean. If the awning is stained, be careful when scrubbing it as you might remove some of the waterproof coat.

Know the Condition of the Awning

Before you head out on a trip, inspect your RV’s awning. Look for any tears or areas where the fabric appears to be weakening. Take a look at the hardware. Make sure screws are secure and inspect the poles, making sure they are not bent or otherwise damaged.

Maintain Your RV’s Awning When in Use

Don’t let water accumulate in the awning. When setting up at a campsite, lower one end of the awning to allow water to run off. The weight from rainwater can cause the fabric to tear or may cause the poles to bend.

Understand the weather patterns in the area. If you’re camping in an area that tends to have high winds, roll up the awning at night or when you’re away from the rig.

Always roll up the awning when it’s not in use. The sun’s rays contribute to UV damage that, over time, will weaken the fabric.

Prevent Mold

After you return home, clean the awning well and allow it to dry thoroughly before you store it away. Rolling up a wet awning creates conditions that are conducive to mildew and mold growth.

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