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All RVs need to be deep cleaned periodically. Here are the most effective ways to clean an RV quickly and easily.

Start With the Ceilings When You Clean an RV

Just like cleaning a house, it is a good idea to work from top to bottom when cleaning an RV. Dust will fall onto surfaces and the floor when you are cleaning the ceiling. Vacuum with a long attachment to suction dust and cobwebs out of vents and fans. This is a good time to change any dirty vent filters. Finally, wipe the ceiling down with a damp cloth. Inspect for signs of water damage, like discoloration or bubbles. These indications mean that water is coming through the roof.


First, clean the windows and wipe down the walls. Then, wash all of the bedding and window treatments. Vacuum out the closets and any built-in storage containers. Wipe down mirrors with glass cleaner.


Residue from toothpaste and other personal products tends to get on the walls and mirrors in the RV bathroom, so wipe down these areas first. Spray out the water tank with a hose and add some holding tank treatment to keep it fresh. One tank cleaning method is to put a bag of ice in the tank, which scrubs the tank as you drive.

Clean an RV Kitchen

Clean higher cabinets first so that you can vacuum up any crumbs that fall down when you clean the floors. Throw away expired food. Wipe down the microwave, the stove, and inside the oven. Take out the shelves and drawers from the fridge and scrub and rinse them outside.


Your day of RV cleaning should always start with the ceilings and end with the floors. Vacuum all the floors, using an attachment for small nooks and crannies. After vacuuming, mop all hard surface floors.

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