RV Inspections for a Limitless Way of Living

When the open road is calling, a wealth of possibilities await. Owning an RV unlocks the potential for endless opportunities, grand adventures, and a supremely satisfying lifestyle. At RV Onsite Services, LLC, we offer qualified repair and maintenance services for recreational vehicles, as well as NRVIA certified RV inspections. With the right RV, you can live comfortably and travel anywhere in the country on a whim, taking in new sights and making cherished memories along the way. And what could be more special than that?

RV inspections
Erik Fisher

What We Stand For

Erik Fisher is the owner and inspector of RV Onsite Services, LLC. For over 48 years, Erik has lived the RV lifestyle and is happy to currently be doing so on a full time basis. Erik is grateful for the opportunity to apply his specialized knowledge to help his clients get their RVs in tip-top shape and to make informed decisions about a current or prospective investment. Helping others is in Erik’s DNA—and at the heart of everything that we stand for.

When he’s not performing inspections, Erik Fisher enjoys traveling in his own RV with his family, especially to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Erik is a self-proclaimed techie and can often be found working on computers in his free time.

Serving Raleigh and the Surrounding Area

We offer RV repair, maintenance, and inspection services to the greater Raleigh area. We’re also able to schedule appointments for inspection services in Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, and South Carolina for an additional mileage fee.


At RV Onsite Services, LLC, we understand from experience that owning an RV can open up a whole new world of experiences. That’s why we offer repair, maintenance, and inspection services that will be an asset to your continued enjoyment of the RV lifestyle. Contact us today to request an appointment.