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During the summer, you are going to be spending more time RVing. You may be planning to park in a spot by the lake for a few weeks or perhaps you are taking a cross-country road trip. No matter what your summer vacation plans are, staying cool in your RV can be a challenge. Here are some smart tips to help keep your RV cool in the summer.

1. Use Shades to Keep Your RV Cool

Window shades, curtains, and awnings work well to keep the sun from heating up your RV. When the sun shines through windows, passive heat makes the interior uncomfortable meaning the AC will have to work harder to cool it down. Keep the shades drawn during the sunniest times of the day, especially on south-facing windows.

2. Switch to LED Light Bulbs

Incandescent bulbs generate more heat than LED bulbs. When trying to keep your RV cool in the summer, every little bit of energy counts. By switching to LED light bulbs, you reduce the heat coming from the lights while also saving energy.

3. Replace or Clean Your AC Filters

The filters in your RV’s AC unit get clogged with dust, pollen, and other debris and need to be changed or cleaned regularly. If the filters are dirty, the AC cannot effectively cool the RV.

4. Grill Out or Eat Cold Meals to Keep Your RV Cool

Using the stove and oven inside your RV requires energy and heats up the interior. In the summer, minimize your use of cooking appliances. Bring a small grill with you or use the grill at your campsite. You can also prepare cold meals, like salads and sandwiches, to avoid generating heat inside the RV.

5. Position Your RV Strategically

When you arrive at your destination, choose a shaded RV site. If there is a limited amount of shade, position your refrigerator vents and AC unit in the shade. This will help them work more efficiently.

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