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Whether you’re planning an extended weekend camping trip or you live the RV lifestyle full time, it’s important to be prepared for inclement weather. You and your family can still enjoy the vacation, even if the weather is bad. Here are a few tips for RVing in rainy weather.

Tarps are Useful for RVing in Rainy Weather

Be prepared for bad weather by packing a few tarps for your trip. You can use these to create a sheltered area for your fire pit or cookstove and to extend the awning of your RV. If you have family members who will be camping in a tent nearby, put a tarp beneath the tent to act as a ‘’footprint” that keeps water from seeping in through the floor. You can also hang tarps above the tent to provide extra protection from the rain.

Boot Tray

Purchase a plastic or rubber boot tray for the inside of the RV. Place the tray just inside the door and ask friends and family members to remove their shoes when they come in. The shape of the tray will help contain water and mud, keeping the inside of the RV cleaner.

RVing in Rainy Weather Will Require Towels

Pack a few extra towels in case of rain. Of course, you’ll need towels for bathing, but bring a few older ones that you don’t mind getting dirty. They will come in handy for wiping muddy floors, drying outdoor seating, and drying your hair if you end up outside in a downpour.

Pop-Up Tent

Having a 10×10 pop-up tent is useful for creating an area outdoors where you and your family can spend time, sheltered from the rain. These tents are easy to set up and offer good protection from bad weather. If you’re staying in a windy area, stake the tent to the ground. Set up lawn chairs and a table to play a game of cards under the tent or use the space as an outdoor kitchen. Especially if you’re traveling with a lot of people, having a place to go outside of the RV is great to maintain peace and sanity during a rainy vacation.

Be Prepared With the Right Clothing

If there is a chance of rain, pack rain gear. Cotton fabrics, like t-shirts and denim, are comfortable but they absorb water. You could end up soaking wet and miserable. For rainy weather, be prepared with waterproof footwear and wool socks. Wool clothing is also a great option for staying warm, even if you get wet. Make sure every member of the family has a durable rain jacket and a waterproof hat.

Board Games

If it rains the entirety of your vacation, you can still have a great time playing cards and board games. Choose games that can entertain the kids and pack a variety so no one feels bored of the options. Do some reading online to learn fun road trip games that everyone can participate in.

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