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How to Entertain Kids On An RV Trip

A family road trip in an RV can be challenging when it comes to keeping the kids from boredom. Luckily, an RV can provide space and amenities to keep kids busy and having fun even on a long stretch of highway. Below, you will find six ways to entertain kids on an RV trip that will keep everyone happy.

1. Toys

Toys are a versatile form of entertainment for young children. They are small enough to be packed away in a container and stored on your RV for later use. Playing with toys requires kids to use their imagination and cooperate with each other; just make sure you have plenty so that they won’t fight over them.

2. Movies

Modern RVs have built-in technologies that can be used to entertain kids on an RV trip. Flat screen televisions are compact and lightweight, making them perfect additions to your RV. If you don’t have the extra room to pack a DVD player, you can buy an affordable LED flat screen television with a built-in DVD player so that your kids can enjoy hours of their favorite movies while on a long RV trip.

3. Video Games

Video games are the most popular form of entertainment for kids regardless of age or gender. Video games are portable which makes them one of the perfect ways to entertain kids on an RV trip. If you have a flat screen television in your RV, you can pack a gaming console with extra controllers and games to take on the trip. If your RV isn’t capable of powering a television, there are handheld gaming devices that you can purchase for your kids that will provide them with hours of entertainment. These handheld devices have their own power supply that can be recharged via a cord that plugs into any wall outlet.

4. Car Games

Before the advent of mobile electronic devices, parents had to keep their kids entertained during long family road trips by engaging them in car games that contained visual and vocal elements, like finding license plates from all 50 states or finding words that start with each letter of the alphabet in order. This is a good way to take a break from the screen after having watched a movie or played a few hours of video games. Playing car games with your kids during an RV trip will keep them occupied and provide a healthy dose of family bonding to keep quarrels at bay.

5. Frequent Stops

If you happen to be traveling just to sightsee with no set timeframe, making frequent stops with your family helps keep your kids entertained while giving them a chance to stretch their legs and burn off some of their energy. Kids can become fussy if left confined in a vehicle for long periods of time, so it’s best to give them time outside of the RV to get some fresh air.

6. Crafting

Kids are very tactile, especially at younger ages. They love to touch and play with things. Use this behavior to your advantage by bringing craft supplies on your family RV trip. While one parent is driving the RV, the other parent can sit in the back with the kids to engage them in an arts and crafts session, like coloring or making friendship bracelets. There are many fun kids craft ideas available online that are perfect for the limited space of an RV.

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