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You may be selling your RV because you are ready to upgrade to a newer one, or perhaps your days of road tripping are behind you. Whatever the reason, here are some steps you can take to help sell your RV successfully.

Clean the RV Inside and Out

The first thing you want to do when preparing to sell your RV is to wash and detail it. RVs can get dirty from living out of them, so you may want to hire professionals for this task. If you clean it yourself, you can look out for cosmetic imperfections that you’ll want to fix before showing it to potential sellers.

Create an Ad to Sell Your RV

A well-written ad will help get the attention of potential buyers. Highlight the unique and positive aspects of the RV. Be clear about why you are selling it so that the buyer can be confident that it is a good purchase. Define which payment forms you will accept so there is no confusion. Submit your ad to classifieds online and printed publications.

Disclose Previous Maintenance

When showing the RV to buyers, have all your paperwork from previous maintenance services and repairs handy so that you can prove that you have been taking care of the RV. This will put the buyer at ease and help them trust that the RV is in good condition.

Get an RV Inspection

Before you list your RV for sale, order a professional inspection so that you can learn about any problems that would be found if the buyer orders an inspection. You can get the issues fixed so that they don’t become a point of negotiation or disclose them and lower the price.

Highlight Customizations When You Sell Your RV

If you made modifications to your RV or had it customized, highlight these features when showing it to buyers. You paid extra for these customizations, so you want to make sure the buyer appreciates what they are getting.

RV Onsite Services provides RV inspections to the NC Triangle. Contact us if you are buying or selling an RV.