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Just like the appliances in a house, RV appliances need maintenance to keep operating well. Here are some valuable RV appliance maintenance tips for 4 types of appliances you’re likely to use in your camper.

RV Appliance Maintenance for the Fridge

The mini-fridge in your RV will last longer if you regularly complete a few simple maintenance tasks. After each drive, inspect the fridge to make sure the wires and connections are secure. Keep the fridge exhaust vent, typically on the roof, free of debris like leaves. Don’t overstuff the refrigerator with food; this will prevent air circulation and make the fridge work harder.

Air Conditioner

Since most road trips happen during summer, it is important to keep your RV’s air conditioner in good shape. Most RV air conditioners are roof-mounted and the unit must be cleared of leaves, insects, and other debris. Just like in a home, a clean filter is important for the AC to run optimally. Keep the filter and the return grille clean.


It is best to have your RV furnace serviced by a professional. RV appliance maintenance for the furnace includes cleaning and inspecting so that any needed repairs can be made. Some models must be removed to complete this maintenance. Make sure that the return grille for the heater is free of debris because blocking the airflow to the furnace will cause problems.

RV Appliance Maintenance for the Stove

For RV ranges, one of the most key maintenance steps is keeping it clean. The cover can be removed on most cooktops to clean the burners underneath. One handy tip for easy range cleaning is to line the bottom with aluminum foil, without blocking any ventilation or access holes. This way, spills can be easily removed by simply replacing the foil.

RV appliance maintenance mainly includes regular inspections and keeping components clean. When you care for your appliances properly, you’ll be able to use them for years to come.

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