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Some people winterize their RV and let it sit all winter, but others choose to take it on a winter road trip. RV camping in the winter is a great way to avoid crowds and enjoy nature while staying comfortable. If you are planning an RV trip this winter, use these tips for keeping your RV warm.

Add Extra Insulation

One of the best ways to prepare your RV for use in winter is to insulate it. Heavy thermal drapes over the windows help keep warm air in and cold air out. Use draft snakes in front of doors, and make sure that the rubber seals around doors and windows are in good condition. Throw rugs insulate the floor, keeping the RV warmer.

Keeping Your RV Warm with the Sun

Where you choose to park the RV affects its interior temperature. Keeping the RV warm is more of a challenge when parked in the shade. Park away from any trees and open the drapes during the day when the sun is out. The passive heat from the sun shining in will help the RV warm up.

Keep Your Furnace in Good Condition

If you are planning to use your RV in the winter, it is important to check that the furnace is in good shape before you leave. You don’t want the furnace to stop working on some cold night while you are far from home. Before leaving on your trip, have the furnace inspected and perform any necessary maintenance. Set the furnace at the lowest temperature you can while still staying comfortable. This will keep it from overworking and using too much propane.

Keeping Warm in Your RV with an Electric Blanket

You can keep the furnace at a lower temperature at night if you also have an electric blanket. An electric blanket helps you stay cozy on a cold night while using less heat. When purchasing an electric blanket, choose a battery-powered one or make sure that it will work with the type of sine wave inverter you have.

Just because its winter doesn’t mean you need to stop enjoying your RV. Follow these suggestions for keeping warm in your RV and you will stay cozy and comfortable on your trip.

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