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Whether you’ve committed to a life on the road, or only take the rig out once or twice a year, living in an RV is a different kind of challenge. It’s impossible to fit all of the conveniences of home into a vehicle. However, these tips and tricks will make RVing easier, more organized, and more fun.

Tips for the Bathroom

Tiny bathrooms are difficult to navigate and even more difficult to organize. Make the most of your bathroom space when you’re on the road.

  • Install a towel bar a couple of inches above the floor of the shower. Store bath products in the space between the bar and the wall. They’ll stay put, even when the RV is in motion.
  • Use a tension rod in the shower to hang wet laundry and swimwear to dry.
  • Command adhesive hooks can be used almost anywhere. In the bathroom, use them to hang towels or to suspend hanging storage pockets where you can keep shower products, a hairdryer, bedroom slippers, and hair clippers. These hooks can also be used in conjunction with binder clips to hang toothpaste by the sink and save counter space.
  • Small tension rods installed in the cabinet will help hold items in place when the vehicle is moving.

Kitchen Tips to Make RVing Easier

Living in an RV requires that you give up a lot of kitchen square footage. Over time you’ll learn tricks to make the best use of the space you do have. Here are a few pointers for storage in a tiny kitchen.

  • Use a cutting board that fits over the stove’s burners to create more usable counter space.
  • Photo-hanging strips can be used to attach magazine holders to the inside of cabinets. Use these holders to contain plastic wrap, parchment paper, zip-closure bags, and aluminum foil.
  • Tic-tac mint containers are great for storing small amounts of spices. Plus, the slim shape means they take up almost no space in your cabinets.
  • Keep clothespins on hand for closing potato chip bags and securing trash can liners.
  • Non-slip drawer and shelf liners help keep items in the cabinets from sliding around when you’re on the road.

Make RVing Easier With Safety Tips

RVing can be a challenge. Keep family and friends safe with these quick and easy tips.

  • Adhere glow-in-the-dark tape to the RV’s steps. This will make entering and exiting safer at night.
  • Use stick-on LED lights to provide lighting in darker corners and adhere them under the kitchen cabinets to illuminate your countertop.
  • Cut a pool noodle and slip it over the awning support. The brighter color of the noodle will prevent you from walking into the metal bar, and if you do, the foam will cushion the impact.
  • Poster-mounting putty is useful to keep smaller items in place. Stick a few pieces on the bottom of the sponge caddy by the kitchen sink. It will adhere the holder to the sink so it won’t shift when the RV is moving.
  • When traveling with valuables, keep them in a safe. Install a small safe beneath a kitchen cabinet or in a closet. Purchase a safe that bolts in place so thieves cannot grab it and run.

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