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An RV gives you the freedom to hit the road for adventures and travel wherever you like with the comforts of home right in your vehicle. Of course, your RV isn’t the same size as your home. To make the most of the space inside, here are some RV storage solutions.

Ideas for Kitchen Storage

Your RV Kitchen is much more compact than your kitchen at home. However, if you enjoy preparing meals yourself, you’ll need basic kitchen items. Use less space with these RV storage solutions for your kitchen.

  • Replace some of your kitchenware with foldable items like a collapsible dish tub, colander, and even a tea kettle.
  • Purchase sets of nesting pots, pans, and bowls.
  • Install pegboard in the kitchen to hang utensils or spice jars.
  • Use under-cabinet baskets to create extra storage space.
  • An over-the-sink shelf makes the space above the sink usable.

RV Storage Solutions for the Bathroom

Depending on your RV, you may have a full bathroom or a half bath. Either way, it’s going to be small. Here are a few tips to maximize your bathroom storage.

  • Build custom shelving beneath the sink.
  • Install a refillable shampoo dispenser on your shower wall.
  • Hang baskets above the toilet to add storage space.
  • If you have a bathroom cabinet, add small shelves or containers to the inside of the door.
  • Make use of a hanging bath caddy in the shower.

Bedroom Storage

Storing clothes, shoes, and accessories for a long trip can be a challenge. Keep your bedroom free of clutter by creating extra storage for your clothing.

  • Learn how to fold clothing to save space.
  • Decorative shoeboxes are great for attractive storage.
  • Use cascading hangers in the closet.
  • Add bins to organize shoes or accessories in your closet.
  • If you have space under your hanging clothes, add shelving to the bottom of the closet.

Quick Tips and Tricks for RV Storage

Some other quick and useful pointers for RV storage include using magazine racks. Magazine racks are available in cardboard, metal, or plastic versions and can be used throughout the RV to store a variety of things. Use one in the bathroom to hold toilet paper. A magazine rack attached to the inside of a kitchen cabinet can hold cutting boards and they make great pantry organizers.

Over-the-door organizers come in handy almost anywhere. You’ll find a use for them on bedroom doors, bathroom doors, and hanging them inside cabinets.

Desk organizers can be used to make sure everything has a place. It’s easier to find what you’re looking for in a kitchen or bathroom drawer when the items within are well-organized.

When you’re RVing, you don’t have as much storage as you do at home. However, with a few handy organization tips and great RV storage solutions, you’ll be able to make the best use of your space.

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