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More and more people are transitioning to working from home. These days there are plenty of jobs where it’s possible to work while you’re on the road. You don’t have to wait until you retire to see the country from your rig. Enjoy traveling while sticking to a schedule so you can work from home in your RV.

Work from Home in an RV with Internet Access

We stay connected via the internet, and most jobs – whether you’re a writer, web designer, therapist, or musician – will require some internet access. When you’re looking for your next campground, make sure they have reliable Wi-Fi. Read reviews and you may learn that a place advertises Wi-Fi, but the signal was weak and guests had issues staying connected.

Be ready with a plan B. Before traveling, familiarize yourself with the area. Look for coffee shops or public libraries that offer a Wi-Fi connection. It’s also smart to purchase a signal booster that you can use inside your RV. These devices help in situations where there is Wi-Fi, but the connection is weak.

Make an Office Space to Work from Home in an RV

Whether or not you have room in your RV for a desk, choose a dedicated space where you can do your job. You might update your RV to create an office or simply work from the kitchenette table. You’ll find it’s easier to get to work and easier to walk away from your “office” when you have a designated workspace.

Trying to work from your bed is not a great idea; you won’t get as much done and it’s bad for your posture. It’s also more difficult to develop and stick to a routine while you’re on the road, but try to set regular work hours and commit to them. You and your travel partner will find it easier to communicate and be productive when you make a schedule that balances work and play.

Stay Organized

Organization makes every job easier and helps you to be more productive. This is especially true when working in smaller spaces. Keep your RV office tidy by cleaning up every time you stop for the day. Keep basic office needs within easy reach and don’t clutter the area with items you don’t need. For example, if you never use a stapler, there shouldn’t be one taking up space in your RV office.

Try to Avoid Traveling on a Work Day

There is no way to predict what will happen on the road. A 7-hour trip can quickly turn into 9 when you take into account stops for food and gas. Allow yourself plenty of time to arrive at your next campsite and get set up, without having to rush to “get to work.”

When you work from home in your RV, you may find that you’re staying in one place for longer. Take time to explore your location and don’t be in a rush to get to the next site. Schedule your free time if that’s easier, but make sure you’re giving yourself the opportunity to enjoy your travels while working remotely from your RV.

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