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RV living is fun and adventurous, but it’s important to stay safe. There are things you should have in your RV to make living in it safer. These items will protect your health and security when living out on the open road. Here are 4 essentials you should have for safe RV living.

CO Detectors for Safe RV Living

Fuel-burning appliances in your RV have the potential to give off carbon monoxide if they malfunction or aren’t ventilated properly. Carbon monoxide is invisible and odorless, but also deadly to breathe.

If your RV is large, you might need multiple CO detectors. Install one in each sleeping area and in the common area. Test the detectors every month to make sure the batteries are still working. You should also have a CO detector in your garage at home where you keep your RV.

Emergency Kit

You never know what will happen when you are living in your RV for months on end or on a long road trip. Your vehicle might break down, you could hit inclement weather, or you or a family member could get sick or injured.

It is important to stock an emergency kit with first-aid gear, survival supplies, and tools. Here is a complete list of everything to keep in your kit. Make sure to replenish supplies as you use them so that you’re always well-stocked.

Safe RV Living with Security Cameras

Your RV is your home while you are living out of it, so you want to protect it as you would your house. Break-ins can happen to RVs, just like they happen to cars and houses.

Install security cameras on your RV to boost security. If you’re away from the RV, the system will alert you to any movement around it and you’ll be able to view the footage from your mobile device.

Smoke Detector and Fire Extinguisher

The same things that cause a house fire can cause a fire inside your RV. Grease fires when cooking, a space heater coming into contact with something flammable, or a tipped-over candle can turn into a dangerous blaze quickly.

Just like at home, you need operational smoke detectors inside your RV. Install them on the ceiling or high up on the wall, and test them at the same time you test the CO detectors. Also, keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen area of the RV.

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