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If you have just purchased your first RV, there are some essential RV accessories you should get before heading off on a road trip. In this article, learn about RV accessories for water, power, storage, and recreation.

Essential RV Accessories for Water

  • Water Pressure Regulator

It is common for RV parks to have high water pressure, which can put a strain on the RV’s plumbing. Have a water pressure regulator on hand to reduce the flow rate of the campground’s water supply and protect the RVs water lines.

  • Water Filter

It is impossible to know the water quality of all the different places you’ll stop on your road trip. To improve the taste and safety of your drinking water, install a water filter on the freshwater tank. An inline water filter is simple to install and reduces contaminants and sediment.

  • Freshwater Hose

You may have to park the RV far away from the freshwater-supply at your campsite. Buy a sturdy hose for freshwater that is at least 50 feet long so that you’ll always be certain you have water.

Power Hookup Accessories

  • Surge Protector

The power source at RV parks is not always uniform; there are often spikes and dips. A power surge can damage your RV’s appliances. Protect your electronics with an electrical surge protector for your RV.

  • Power Adaptor

It’s always a good idea to have a power adaptor on hand in the event that the campground has an incompatible electrical output for your RV.

  • Fuse Kit

A blown fuse is a problem that RVers may experience. Prepare for this situation by having a fuse kit on board and familiarizing yourself with it. Choose a set that lights up when the fuse is blown.

Parking Your RV

  • Tire Chocks

You need your RV to be stable when it is parked so it doesn’t shift when weight is redistributed. Tire chocks keep the tires from rolling downhill. Always use chocks in pairs. and position them downhill to counteract gravity.

  • Leveling Blocks

When you don’t have even ground on which to park your RV, you’ll be glad you purchased some leveling blocks. An RV that is on an unlevel plane is difficult to use as a living space.

  • Jack Pads

When parked on soft soil, sand, or grass, the wheels may sink into the ground. Jack pads prevent this by providing a larger footprint for the tires that helps stabilize the surface.

These are just a few important items you should invest in before taking your RV on the open road. Make a checklist to be sure that you have everything you need.

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