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As an RV owner, you likely get a lot of use out of your motorhome in the warmer months. Summer is the most popular time for road trips. However, there are a lot of unique advantages to RVing in autumn. Here are 4 reasons to take your camper out this fall before you winterize it for the year.

See Colorful Leaves While RVing in Autumn

During autumn, the leaves put on a colorful show along the east coast. Yellow, red, and orange foliage is one of the most spectacular advantages of RVing in autumn. While it provides a stunning backdrop taking photographs and hiking, you can also enjoy the colors by simply driving around.

Fall Produce Stands

Fall offers an abundance of produce like apples, pumpkins, squash, figs, and potatoes. You are bound to find plenty of farm stands driving through rural areas. Many of them offer treats like hot apple cider and baked goods, and some have you-pick options for apples and flowers. Visiting farm stands in the fall is a fun activity for the whole family.

RVing in Autumn and Fishing

Fall is a great time for fishing because fewer anglers are out and fish are hungry. Many people who fish during the summer start hunting during the fall. The fish are generally more aggressive at this time of year, especially bass. Cooler water makes fish more active, so they are easier to catch. Take your RV out for a few more fishing trips this fall before winter hits.

Stay Cozy in Cool Weather

Your family may enjoy camping in tents during summer so that you can sleep under the stars. However, RVing is perfect for fall because the temperature drops at night and you can stay cozy inside your camper. Your family will stay comfortable when you are in your RV with the heater on.

Use Your RV Before Winterizing

If you winterize your RV for the coldest months, autumn is your last chance to use it to your full advantage. Your motorhome was a significant investment, so you want to get the most use out of it as possible. Treat yourself to some fall road trips with the family before you let your RV rest for the winter.

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