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While an RV road trip is often a vacation, it doesn’t need to be expensive. When you learn how to save money RVing, you can hit the open road more often. Here are 5 common sense ways to spend less money while traveling in your motorhome.

Pick an Affordable Destination

Places across the United States have a wide range of costs of living, and this matters even when you are just visiting. Gas, groceries, and other essentials cost more in some areas than they do in others, so research possible destinations before deciding on one. Keep in mind that some states have sales tax and some don’t.

Save Money RVing During Off-Season

You’ll benefit from traveling during the off-season for many places. It will be less crowded and things tend to cost less during off-season. If you are trying to save money RVing and have some flexibility in your schedule, take a road trip during off-season.

Download a Gas Finder App

RVs generally use a lot more gas than cars. You can save money RVing by downloading a gas finder app which will show you where compare gas prices near you. While the prices may only vary by a few cents, it will add up over a long road trip.

Use Your Kitchen to Save Money RVing

One of the luxuries of your RV is the kitchen. It is almost always cheaper to prepare your own meals than to eat in restaurants, and usually healthier too. Since you have a kitchen in your vehicle, prepare most of your meals yourself to save money.

Join a Discount Club

There are several online communities that save avid RVers a lot of money. Escapees RV Club and Good Sam both offer partner discounts to members and also provide an online social community for fellow campers. For unique experiences, check out Harvest Hosts. This site allows members to stay for free on vineyards and farms all over the country.

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