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RV Myths to Know About

There is a lot of information on the internet about RVs, however, not all of the things you read are true. Misinformation can be dangerous when it comes to motorhomes, so in this article, we’ve debunked some RV myths.

RV Myth #1: A Truck can Tow any RV

Some people believe that any truck can handle towing an RV, no matter the size. This assumption can be dangerous and puts vehicles and passengers at risk. Do some research to learn about the tow rating and payload capacity of your truck before purchasing or towing an RV.

RV Myth #2: A 4-Season Camper Doesn’t Need to Be Winterized

Even if you have a 4-season camper, that doesn’t mean it will be safe from freezing temperatures for multiple days. It is still important to winterize your RV, especially the plumbing system. Thinking that a 4-season RV is ready for any sub-freezing weather is an RV myth that can cause damage.

RV Myth #3: RVs Get Awful Gas Mileage

It is true that motorhomes get lower gas mileage than other kinds of passenger vehicles. However, modern RVs are much more fuel efficient than an older model. For instance, the Itasca Navion Motorhome boasts 18-20 miles per gallon. While this RV myth is true in some cases, it is possible to find an RV that gets more miles per gallon.

RV Myth #4: You Should Buy a Used Generator With Few Hours On It

Buying a used generator isn’t quite the same as buying a used car with low mileage. When generators are not used for extended periods of time, they can have problems starting. The parts need regular exercise to perform optimally. Even sitting idle for just 30 days can cause the fuel to degrade the generator’s system. Buying a new generator is the better option and often has the benefit of a manufacturer’s warranty.

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