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New Year’s Eve is a night of celebrations and new beginnings. This year, spend the New Year a bit differently. Whether you’re living full-time in your rig or only use it occasionally, you can enjoy a fun holiday celebration wherever you are. Here are a few tips for celebrating the New Year in an RV.

Staying in an RV for the New Year

If you’re on the road, decide where you want to spend time. Do you want to be outdoors around other people in a community? Maybe you prefer to get away to a quiet campground in the woods. You’ll have plenty of options, but it’s important to plan ahead.

Options for Celebrating in an RV

When staying in a campground, talk to your neighbors and learn about their plans for the festivities. You might decide to celebrate together with a community potluck and fireworks if they’re allowed at your location. If you’re planning a party at the campground, learn about their noise policy and be careful to avoid disturbing nearby campers.

The great thing about enjoying New Year’s at the campground is that you won’t have to worry about driving home. Your potluck guests can spend the evening enjoying good food and a warm fire outside and then walk back to their site when the evening comes to an end.

If parties aren’t your thing, or if you have pets or small children who don’t appreciate the noise, look for a place a short distance out of town. You may be able to find a boondocking location where you can still watch the fireworks. A mountainside campground with a site that overlooks the town is a perfect spot for observing celebrations from a distance.

Using the RV During the Holidays

Take advantage of the holiday season to visit places that are typically crowded. The kids won’t be in school and you have the option to travel to National Parks or campgrounds that are full at other times of the year. Yellowstone has an RV campground that is open in winter and the park isn’t as packed full of tourists. If cold weather isn’t appealing, travel south. You can find warmer destinations in Florida and along the Gulf Coast.

No matter where you decide to travel, prepare for New Year’s festivities with lights and decorations. You don’t have to be in a bricks-and-sticks house to enjoy the holidays. Build a campfire, roast s’mores, and watch the ball drop on the TV or laptop. You’ll make great memories and get the New Year off to a good start.

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