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Are you still looking for last-minute gifts for the loved ones in your life? If you have family members and friends who are avid RVers, this guide will help make picking out presents a little bit easier. Consider purchasing these five holiday gifts for RVers.

Custom RV Mattress

You may think that you’re stuck with the mattress the RV came with even if it isn’t comfortable, but that is not the case. To give this gift, you’ll need to know what size mattress fits in the RV. Some RVs need a mattress that isn’t a standard size so it’s important to get precise measurements.

Fortunately, there are manufacturers that make high-quality custom RV mattresses. A comfortable mattress is one of the most important features in an RV, so give your loved one a gift that makes a big difference.

Outdoor Rugs are Useful Holiday Gifts for RVers

A waterproof, outdoor rug comes in handy for any RVer in your life. When camping in a motorhome, you’ll want to set up an outdoor living area to grill and relax comfortably outdoors. An outdoor rug is a great accessory to define and complete the space. Find one that is reversible for more versatility.

National Parks Pass

Many RVers purchase a motorhome for the sole reason of visiting our nation’s beautiful national parks. A thoughtful gift that any RVer will use throughout the year is a 2021 national parks pass. Purchasing a national parks pass for $80 also funds the maintenance for national parks, so you know that the money is serving an important purpose.

Small Holiday Gifts for RVer: String Lights

A set of string lights is a great stocking stuffer for the festive RVer in your life. String lights come in many shapes and colors. Some plug into a regular outlet, but when camping, it is good to have battery-powered or solar-powered lights. You’ll find many options online at affordable prices.

Camping Chairs

When camping in an RV, people spend a lot of time cooking and gathering outside. Comfortable camping chairs are valuable assets to anyone who loves camping. When it comes to camping chairs, you get what you pay for. Choose a quality brand that is comfortable and will last a long time.

Use this list to find inspiration for gift-giving this holiday season, and buy something special for the RVer in your life on any budget.

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