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Decorating an RV for the Holidays

Among the challenges of living in an RV, staying festive is one of them. It’s important to decorate for the holidays no matter the size of your living area so you can get into the spirit of the season. The constraints of RV living make it difficult to decorate in the same way you would a house. Luckily, there are a number of ways you can decorate your RV for the holidays.


Wreaths are simple additions that can add something festive to your RV instantly. Place them on the outside of your RV entrance or even in select windows. They are easily stored and don’t take up much space at all. Choosing a natural wreath will add the holiday decor that you need, and you can dispose of it after the season.

Decorate Your RV with Window Paint

Wreaths aren’t the only thing that can decorate windows. Window paint allows you to paint holiday scenes, messages, and more. It can be removed easily after the holidays are over. If you have children with you, this will be a fun and creative activity for them.

Blankets and Throw Pillows

Finding places to add holiday color is hard in an RV. Cover your seating areas in colorful blankets and add festive throw pillows to really highlight the season. Decorate your RV with these items and you will transform your space. The blankets will also help you and your family keep warm on cold nights.

Decorate Your RV with Economical Trees

Trees are the centerpiece of most people’s holiday decor, but it’s not advised to set up a traditional tree in the middle of your RV. They pose a fire hazard, they will drop needles all over your space, but most of all, they will most likely be too large. Instead, look for alternatives that will brighten the inside of your RV and bring the right amount of holiday spirit for a small space.

Decorate your RV with a space-saving tree that can fit in a smaller space. LED trees have lights built-in, look great, and are energy-efficient. Be sure to store the tree when driving or secure it in place so that it doesn’t fall over.

Battery-Operated Lights

Being in an RV, you have to be mindful of the power that you consume. With battery-operated lights, you can decorate your RV and not have to worry about using an outlet or wasting energy. Choose battery-operated lights for hanging in the indoor and outdoor living areas of your RV.

Decorate Your RV Fridge

You have to get creative when decorating your RV. Use the front of your fridge as a canvas to add some holiday cheer. You can cover the front with wrapping paper or ribbons. The fridge is a great space to display the holiday cards you receive. You can also use a posterboard to make a cardboard tree if no other space is available.

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